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Sarla Performance Fibers Limited, Yarn Manufacturers, Yarn Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters from India
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Sarla Performance Fibers, Polyester Yarn, Nylon Yarn Exporters
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, Sarla Performance Fibers Limited (formerly known as Sarla Polyester Limited) is a 100% EOU engaged in the manufacturing and export of polyester and nylon textured, twisted and dyed yarns, covered yarns, high tenacity yarns and sewing thread.
Beginning as a manufacturer of commodity yarns, the company has successfully shifted its focus and established itself as a manufacturer of specialized and higher value added yarns. Our strength lies in customizing the product as per each individual customer’s requirements and specifications. Visit Our Products for a range of our offerings.

Over the years SPFL has expanded its activities with the expansion and upgradation of existing facilities in India, as well as through creation of new facilities overseas with the primary objective of establishing closeness to customers to provide quick and efficient services to them.

With clients in all major countries across the globe & a presence in key international locations, SPFL has developed a strong customer base See Global Presence.

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Today, the company is run by its promoters, Mr Madhusudhan Jhunjhunwala, the current Chairman and Mr. Krishna Jhunjhunwala, the Managing Director. The company’s head office is located in Mumbai, India and its manufacturing facilities are situated 160 km outside Mumbai in Silvassa and Vapi. See manufacturing facilities for more details.

A close-knit family-run business, with a professional approach in all its business endeavours enhanced with a long standing market presence and promoter expertise, SPFL enjoys the promise of credibility, sustainability and growth.
 SPFL’s Position in the Indian Textile Industry
SPFL, Covered Yarns Suppliers, Exporters
In the last 5 years, the Indian economy has been growing in excess of 8.5%, except the year 2008-2009 where the economy grew at about 7%.

Due to the global meltdown, exports were badly affected and the impact on the textile sector was higher, it being a highly competitive sector with low margins.

Despite the downturn, the impact on SPFL has been comparatively lower. The Exports of the Company has witnessed a growth of more than 28% in the year 2011-12.

Furthermore, SPFL is continuing to incur capital expenditure and is building significant capabilities required to grow further.
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